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Welcome to DuValin, breeder of Wirehaired Pointing Griffons - Korthals Dogs

How did I get there!

As a member of the French club (Club Français du Griffon à Poil Dur Korthals) since 1999, I’ve always been interested in “nice and typical griff”. The breed is well established in France so it’s obvious to me that the best and most reliable griffs are there. That is why we own 3 griffons from Normandie. Des Bords du Dan line is issued from an old bloodline - De La Réoté - and I’ll work very hard toward this goal: to keep the essence of this bloodline and produce excellent hunting and family dogs.

Griff’s owners always get together somewhere in the world!

As a AQGPD East of Québec representative from April 2003, I actively took part in the Club’s activities. Since 2009, I’m very happy to serve as NAVHDA secretary for the Montreal chapter. Being an apprentice-judge for 2 years (2006-2007), I believe I can bring my little experience and serve the people’s interest to the best I can. The way I train my dogs is based on the NAVHDA philosophy.
In 2005, in Minnesota and for the first time in my life, I tested for VC (versatile champion):Pirate des Bords du Dan and Toulouse des Bords du Dan. They became the first 2 AQGPD’griffs to own this title. I was also the first “lady” and the first “québécoise” to test 2 dogs at the same time and to succeed!

I also handled my dogs in NASTRA field trials. To sad, trials are too far away for Saguenay. To top it all, I helped organized a lot of get-togethers like the Défi Maître-Chasseur (2002-2003-2005) in Saguenay. We are still very active and training is part of our routine. With a bunch of hunting dog lovers, we train every Wednesday – as soon as the snow melts – and it’s been like this for 3 years now.

Now let’s talk conformation! A good hunting dog must possess a structural body without obvious defects. If not, he will not last long. He will quit swimming after a while or he will need a pause somewhere during hunting season. Often, he will be prone to articulations’ problems. You will not be able to enjoy you dog long enough.
To understand, one must learn and listen. Conformation is the key. Always compare to the standard. Always come back to the essence, not the “IN” product at the time. To understand, I rely on experts and I attend classes like the "Puppy Puzzle", Pat Hasting (October 14th, 2006) and “stripping the wirehaired” (May 3rd, 2006). American Specialties is also an excellent place to see, listen, learn and question other griffs’owners.

Let’s not forget obedience. At winter time, while nobody can go out, I take obedience lessons but I keep some Saturdays for me: I play curling. We must not forget ourselves!
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