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Frequently asked questions concerning the Wire-haired Griffon

Which is the best for hunting: male or female?

Personally, I prefer male just because they don’t have heat… but there is other inconveniences. The majority of females have a strong prey drive. Males are easier to train.

Having said: no one should choose a hunting dog based on sex. It should be done regarding qualities such as the dog’s cooperation. First of all, what kind of handler/owner are you? Choose a pup that will match your personality and knowledge. The more the pup will be blessed with desire and independence, the more you will need a rigorous training.

All griffs have a sensitive side that varies a lot upon individuals. This particularity is less visible on males than females. Again, knowing your personality, choose the one that will suites you best and will take the stress associated with the training sessions to come.

Once again, unless you have firm ideas on male or female for your next pup, this choice should be made with consideration for the pup’s natural qualities

Can I name my pup as I wish?

Yes and No! Pup will be registered like this: DUVALIN MUFFIN. It will always starts with “DUVALIN” followed by a name starting with the letter chosen. Example: letter for July litter 2010 is “M”. 2011 litter is “N”. As registering is done as soon as the mother gives birth, you cannot change it but you can call your pup any name you want, only the registering name will stay with CKC.

Which guarantee do you offer?

Guaranty is 24 months against major hereditary or congenital defects.

Do you own any other breed?

No, we are totally dedicated to this breed and we know griffs very well.

Do you show your dogs often?

They all must obtain a CH Canadian title, in order to fully evaluate their structural potential and get other people’s advice.

What are your expectations concerning hunting tests from the future puppy owner?

We ask that the pups be tested in natural abilities with NAVHDA and with the CKC in order to be able to judge hunting qualities and sociability.

Do you sell all the pups for the same price?

All pups are sold for the same price. All pups leave with a non-reproduction clause but that can be removed later

Who register the pup with CKC?

DuValin kennel registers all the pups CKC. If pup is a USA resident, specials conditions applies.

Where can I get information about hips?

OFA is the website to check:

What about hip dysplasia?

Unfortunately, griffs do not go away with this defect. Breeding must be carefully chosen. That is why health guarantee become so important for the pup.

How important is it to show bad results from health or genetic tests? Wouldn’t it be better to hide them?

It would not help anyone who might have offspring from this dog. When it’s not a health disorder, the gene can be eliminated by slowly replacing the carrier with their clear offspring. When it’s health problem, the dog must not be used any more.

Do you socialize the pup?

Before he gets to his new home, the pup is used to shots (mild ones), introduction to water is done (when it’s possible). The week before he meets his new owner, he is used to his crate; he sleeps in it, separate from others. He also gets his share of time alone with us in the car and in the house with all kind of people. Pup already knows birds smell.

How can I be sure to get the pup I want?

The breeder is the best adviser of all. He knows those pups for 8 weeks now and can tell which one will best suite you. Talk sincerely with him and tell him your expectation. This is the best you can do.

Where does that name come from?

DuValin is related to the Monts-Valin, in Saguenay.

At the moment you get near Chicoutimi, you can see the “Monts-Valin” in front of you, with his white summits once the temperature gets colder. It dominates the landscape of the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region and is well known for his skiing activities at the “Valinouët, the “Vallée des Fantômes” (Ghost valley), snowmobile, trekking, hunting, fishing, camping, and a lot more.

I believe it’s a privilege to be able to live in my region. I spent a lot of my childhood fishing and hunting with my family (uncles, aunts, grand-mother, grand-father) on the Monts-Valins. The difference, this little thing you are looking for, you will find it here.

Our griffs are – at first – hunting dogs for the on foot hunter. They are not afraid to search where other dogs won’t go. They are used to cold and snow but, like Monts-Valin, they are flexible and manage to hunt in any seasons and any region.

Where does the Griffon come from?
(This is a word received from M. Joop van Bokhoven, Holland, on April 6, 2011)

“Dear Aline,
That the French have claimed the race does not mean that the Dutch would agree to.

Rough coated and shaggy dogs have been around hundreds of years.
The name of Griffon for these whiskered bushy beard dog is centuries old.
From ancient records It is known that name at least 400 years ago was already in use in France.
In Holland where these native dogs had shaggy beards, this name was not unknown.
Here they were known as rough or smous beards.

All these names were never a particular race, but had always refers to the appearance of the dog rather a peasant like dog with a mustache and a beard.

In former times they didn’t bred by certain racial characteristics.
They bred exclusive for the purpose of usability for a particular purpose with dogs from the environment which they knew and from which they knew what their usefulness was.

Systematic and thought out breeding the offspring of certain properties related to the nature, exterior, etc. to establish and maintain one knew not.

In the second half of the 19th century in Europe there were hunting dog enthusiasts who were dedicated to the breeding of consistent top producing hunting dogs. The first Dutchman who did this was Korthals.
He was the pioneer of the modern kynology.

I hope you understand my English and if you have any questions about our breed I am willing to answer.
This year our club exists for 100 years.
Me and my dog have participated in this years fieldwork trial in the European Championships.
If you look at the site of our Korthals Griffon Club you can also see my dog, her name is Mia v/d.Woltdonk
Greetings from Holland, Joop van Bokhoven”

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