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Welcome to DuValin, breeder of Wirehaired Pointing Griffons - Korthals Dogs

News and happenings at DuValin Kennel

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November 6-7, 2010
Stade Olympique, Montréal. This was the last participation in 2010 for Excel in conformation. After having handled her without success (my fault) on Saturday, I yield: HELP! Again, a good friend heard: Claire Mathieu. Results: Best of Breed! Thanks a lot Claire. Excel now has 9/10 points towards her Champion title. Wait until next year.
October 24, 2010
Expo-Cité Québec- A new obedience title for Excel : CD – Novice A. This after obtaining a BOB and a Group 4. Lots of emotion! This great achievement in conformation is due to my good friend M. Jean Lisi who showed Excel exceptionally well. Big thanks Jean! See pictures under: Conformation photos.

August 5, 2010
Flèche gave birth to 8 puppies. Two of them are females. Whelping was very long and she got tired a lot. All is fine now and the pups are being taken care of really well.

July 17th, 2010
After 3 non qualifying scores in Novice A class, Excel finally focused long enough to go throught her first obedience test in Anse St-Jean. To top it all, she obtained the highest score for this test (HIT). I should say that dragonflies and friends sitting in the stages were much more interesting than me.
July 2010
July Our nice little Flèche est pregnant! Litter is due for August 9, 2010.Sire is Toulouse.

June 20th, 2010
We are just coming back from a journey in France where we attended the Club du Griffon Korthals Nationale d’Élevage ( The show took place in Gambais, 50 kilometres from Paris, at the Neuville castle.

Our cousins know how to do things but a Nationale doesn’t look what we are used to in America.

The registry showed 135 griffs: mostly names we are used to see on our new pedigrees or magazines. My breeder – Gilles Jouet from Des Bords du Dan – happily surprised me when he offered me to show a dog at the Nationale : Targa des Bords du Dan who is Excel’s mother, my last import. Targa is from Mader des Bords du Dan and Mina des Bords du Dan.

6 rings were settled and 3 different categories were assigned at each ring. The judge screens carefully each dog. Mine was mister Lasvergnas. First step: comparison of all dogs between each other as a group and verbal approval of what he sees. Then, each dog is carefully measured with the special rule. Any measurement higher of lower than standard is severely penalized. From there, judge dictates his evaluation to a secretary seated near him. Every points of the standard are noted: muzzle length and width – ear positioning – skull length – soundness – body length – etc… Everything is written down and a copy is handed immediately after the judging. Next step, after this individual screening, is the “merry go round” time! We run! The judge stops us from time to time and asks handlers to change position as he wishes. Targa – a trialer – was prettier when I let her run fast. So, at the second turn, I let her run wide and I went up one position! … but ouf! Did I run! Result: an EXCELLENT and a 4th place. Not bad for an 8 year old dog still in great shape!

See the pictures in: trip album.

This trip comforted me about choosing Des Bords du Dan 12 years ago. Combined with La Réoté and Des Rives de l’Aure, I still can detect the griffon type I like and cherish.

Until the next time, many memories will keep me focused on my goal.

Hope you liked this little “résumé”. If you have any specific question, don’t hesitate to call or write.

Following the Nationale, a week in the beautiful city of Strasbourg was all we needed to end these great vacations. Restos and wines are hum!!!! delicious!

February 20 and 21, 2010
Holliday Inn, Saguenay. Club Canin du Fjord

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Conformation - Fun Match
First time for Excel des Bords du Dan. She is 9 month old..
Results: BPIM (Best Puppy in Match) and BIM (Best in Match)
Big thanks to Miss Valérie Arial, judge. She is the first to recognize the qualities of this little furry ball.

CGN test ( Canine Good Neighbour) – Canadian Kennel Club.
Excel des Bords du Dan and DuChasseur Flèche DuValin obtained their titles with success!
Big thanks again to Miss Hélène Gauthier, judge. Her comments and good mood were highly appreciated.

Obedience test – Fun Match
First time for Excel des Bords du Dan
Class: Pre-novice Result: Qualified

This week-end was wonderful! Lots of people came to talk with us. Congratulations to Club Canin du Fjord for putting together such big event. All comments heard were positive.

Another good note is that I can feel how griffs are growing nicely with popularity. Job well done!
February 19, 2010
The worse scenario happened: from an X-ray taken, confirmation is that Flèche is not pregnant. Already, we must think of all those who had so much hope in the arrival of this new pup in the home. Where is the mistake? Difficult to find... A procedure has been decided regarding the next heat around May 20. Smear - progesterone tests - artificial insemination: everything will be done!
DuValin kennel is very sad and swear this situation won't happen again!
Meanwhile, alternative solutions have been offered to our clients. We won't let them down.
To all, please receive our sincere sympathies!

January 10, 2010
Flèche and Toulouse have been bred this week-end. Whelping expected durant the first week of March. News to follow!

Decembre 26th, 20009
Flèche is in heat! Youpi! She will be bred to Toulouse around January 8th, 2010. Whelping expected sometimes around March 10, 2010. see pedigree for the upcoming litter

November 29, 2009
We just bought a nice 4-places dog trailer. With many dogs to carry around to training fields and other activities, my Jeep couldn't handle more. You can see it by clicking here: trailer. It is a stainless trailer, safe, ventilated and lights included and, most of all, it is already used to griffs. Thanks to Alain LeBon for letting me have this nice toy.

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November 4, 2009
We have made our mind on our first litter ever. Toulouse des Bords du Dan and DuChasseur Flèche DuValin will be mated in mid-December. Both are color tested KbKb, which means that they cannot produce undesirable pattern or color. Official announcement will be posted on the AQGPD wetsite and AWPG Le Griffonnier's journal sometimes around December 15, 2009. There is already 2 official reservations on this litter that we consider as high quality. Toulouse reputation is well known and Flèche, carrying an excellent wirehaired coat, is an avid hunter.

October 28, 2009
This weekend, I attend the "Salon National des Animaux de Compagnies" in Québec city. I expected to earn this last point for Flèche toward her canadian championship. Unfortunately for me! The second and only griff was DuChasseur Raclette. We did 0 point but I learned a lot about handling. We'll see next Spring!

October 21st, 2009
Excel (5 months 1/2) just started obedience classes and she is doing great! Anyway, what would a baby do for cheese?

July 18th, 2009
We've been waiting for her for 4 years!. She is here now: EXCEL DES BORDS DU DAN (whelped: May 6th, 2009). For more info about her: visit her page

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